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Weekend Roundup

Men wearing skirts is nothing new. But when a heavy hitting, Hollywood royalty, leading man like Brad Pitt wears one on the red carpet the world at large takes notice and can’t seem to stop talking about it. For the premiere on his new movie Bullet Train, Pitt made his appearance in a Haans Nicholas Mott design which consisted of a pink linen half buttoned shirt and matching dark brown linen jacket and skirt. To complete the look, Pitt paired his linen ensemble with hyper masculine black boots.

I must admit that the fixation the greater public has with Pitt wearing a skirt seems a little nonsensical to me. He’s admitted to experimenting with his red carpet style and as we all can agree, he looks great doing it. With the record setting temperatures hitting the US and Europe as he makes his premiere rounds, it's also a smart move that he chose to go with a completely natural and breathable fiber like linen.

What makes me the most happy from this viral red carpet moment is seeing the discussion revolve not just around Pitt but also the designer behind the look, Haans Nicholas Mott. Mott opened a custom, made to measure clothing label in 2010 where clients are only accepted with a referral. He has since built a slow fashion conscience, intensely personal design philosophy. He requires personal consultations and dialogue with his clients for each and every piece he makes. He believes that fashion should be intentional and by doing so we may become more aware of our fashion footprint.

Fashion for fashion’s sake is never a recipe for success but fashion that empowers you and teaches you is something we should all be striving to possess and practice. Bravo to Mr. Pitt and Mr. Mott for bringing this to the fashion forefront.


Written By: Charles Fratto