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Meet Muse Multimedia Agency

Muse Multimedia Agency is a full service marketing agency that helps business owners and entrepreneurs use social media, optimize digital and print marketing, and expand into television and radio advertisements to find, connect and convert audiences into followers, clients and customers. They are a one stop shop for brands and businesses to utilize from the very beginning stages of their business all the way throughout their growth strategies - owners Jeff and Judy even offer business strategy options to those who are looking to learn new impactful ways to grow a business.

Meet Laurie and Zoe - the creative duo behind Muse. Laurie, the Co-Founder and President, has established herself within the marketing industry for over a decade with her extensive knowledge on social media strategy, content curation and digital advertising. Zoe, the Creative Director, has a history of making brand identities shine with her elevated design skills and is an expert in her field when it comes to commercially advertising in both print and digital media. Both of the Muse ladies have not only developed their own personal brands and social media presence, but they have helped grow ILOE Studios with an entire rebrand and new advertising strategy in just a few short months.

Today, the Muse girls share some of their favorite marketing tips, talk about what’s in-store for the future of Muse and chat about their favorite social media trends.

“I’m obsessed with what is being called the night luxe aesthetic right now,” Laurie said, referencing the dimly lit, mostly nighttime photography and videography that influencers and brands are both posting. “It’s organic, without spending too much time setting up a shot, and typically shows everything in action - the more real, more gritty sort of images that actually show real life. That’s always a positive when it comes to marketing - faces, people existing, that always moves an audience in a positive way.”

“I love the creative fashion edits that influencers have been doing lately. It really lets you see not only their personal style, but also their editing choices as well.” Zoe, who is the primary editor when it comes to the Muse social media content, is always up to date on editing styles and particularly fun transitions that keep an audience engaged and wanting more.

Their favorite social media tips? “Post a lot. Honestly, all the time. Two stories in the morning, two stories in the afternoon, two in the evening are the bare minimum at this point. Assume everyone is incredibly nosy and run wild with it.” Laurie, who writes copy, researches hashtags, and creates strategy for each of the Muse clients individually, says more is the only option. “There is no more getting around not having a social media presence. If you don’t have one, your target audience will find a different brand or individual who has a social account they’re focused on and follow them instead.”

“It’s just not an option,” Zoe agreed, “You have to have a social media account, and at this point, you have to have them all. At least the big ones - Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest…. And you have to use them all day.”

“It’s a full time job,” Laurie reminded - the entire reason behind the start of Muse Multimedia Agency was to help people spend more time on their actual business without having to dedicate long hours to social media and advertising. “People genuinely don’t have time to run their brand and dedicate the amount of attention it takes to advertise and post to social media accounts - our agency is like hiring multiple members of staff for your business all at once. We cover everything you can ever think of.”

The ladies of Muse Multimedia Agency offer free thirty minute consultations to all potential clients. In 2023 alone the ladies have created numerous television ads running on major television networks, designed countless brand identities, and worked with clients from coast to coast. Although the year is just getting started, Muse Multimedia Agency will be hosting wide a variety of educational seminars throughout the upcoming months, offering a space for Women In Business in the Orlando, Florida area to network and educate, and will be touching down in Paris and New York City towards the end of the year for Fashion Week.

For more information on Muse, or the ladies behind the agency, visit

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