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Meet The ILOE Studios Team!

ILOE Studios prides itself on bringing an elevated tradeshow experience to a niche group of likeminded individuals. Our company has made it our mission to have a meaningful connection with the brands we partner with. We have committed to offering exhibitors and retailers the highest level of customer service possible at each and every event we host.

Made up of several industry professionals, please meet the dynamic individuals behind ILOE:

Jeff Zuckerman

Before joining the ILOE team in 2015, Jeff studied law at Chapman University. Today, as the CEO of ILOE Studios, Jeff wears many hats, but his top priority is leading the ILOE team to achieve their goals within the industry. He’s a member of the Florida Bar and co-owns a luxury apparel brand with his wife and parents. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys running, hiking, and visiting craft breweries.

Al Zuckerman

Al began his career in luxury outerwear back in 1979 when he followed his dream of building an international business from the ground up. In 2012, Al and Scott Bernstein founded ILOE (International Luxury Outerwear Expo). Throughout the next ten years Al alongside his wife and son would grow ILOE into what it has become today - a home for the better contemporary market. Al’s love for family, people, and his community inspired him to try his hand at law enforcement. After twenty-three years of service with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, he retired with the rank of Reserve Sergeant.

Judy Zuckerman

Judy and Al met in 1984 and married one year later. While working two jobs, Judy studied nutrition at Cal State University. She saw the family business growing rapidly and decided her superior organizational skills would be very valuable to various aspects of the business. From student to controller, Judy has been a leader for more than 25 years. In that time she’s also found passions in her family, her German Sheperds, cooking, and gardening.

Chandler LeCoq

Chandler began her ILOE Studios career as an intern and has now risen to being the Operations Coordinator, responsible for overseeing all company operations. Chandler graduated from Auburn University where she received her bachelor’s degree in Apparel Merchandising and Production Management and continues to be the biggest supporter of the Auburn Tigers. In her spare time, Chandler enjoys playing golf, watching college football, and going on new traveling adventures.

Charles Fratto

Charles graduated from the Fashion Institute of Salt Lake City in 2016, earning his degree in Fashion Design. As Style Director for ILOE Studios, Charles strives to make every ILOE Studios experience, for both Exhibitors and Attendees, as fun, enjoyable and successful as possible. He is fascinated with every aspect of fashion design and styling. He is an advocate for understanding the entire clothes making process and appreciating the craft and skill behind it. In his free time, you can find Charles spinning fiber at his spinning wheel, knitting, weaving and sewing.

Laurie Candeloro

Laurie has a background in Fashion Journalism and Multi Media Management and stepped into the Marketing Coordinator position at ILOE Studios in 2022. Her mission at ILOE is to ensure the brand is represented to it’s fullest potential across all platforms including web, print and social media. Laurie’s love for the fashion industry, her dedication to learning the latest social media updates and her drive to continue to grow her skills makes her role in marketing the perfect fit.

In her spare time Laurie loves to see live music, read, and update her personal instagram and blog.


Written By: Laurie Candeloro

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