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ILOE Studios Perfect Holiday Party ✨

The Holidays are just around the corner and with them come the parties, the drinks, the food- the galore! As with most things in life, holiday bashes are as varied as the hosts and hostesses who throw them so we thought it would be fun if we asked some of our ILOE Studios Team what they think goes into. With a spin around the office we talked with Marketing Director Laurie Candeloro, Operations Coordinator Chandler LeCoq, Graphic Designer Zoe Perez, and Social Coordinator Ashley Gardner their thoughts on this Holiday subject!


Which (end of the year) Holiday dinner party would you want to host?

Laurie- I would love to host a New Years Eve dinner party!

Chandler- Christmas!

Zoe- I would most want to host a dinner party for Halloween.

Ashley- New Year's Party!


Would you want a specific theme for the dinner? If so, what would that be?

Laurie- I would love to do black tie attire so everyone is dressed up to start the New Year!

Chandler- A cottonwood rustic themed sit down dinner, with light appetizers and passed cocktails. Dinner would have beautiful seat placements with multiple courses and nice paired cocktails/ wine.

Zoe- I would want them to be black and white Munsters theme.

Ashley- Bridgerton Style!


Who’s on the guest list and/or how many people are on the list?

Laurie- My guest list would be just my closest friends and family to keep it intimate.

Chandler: The guest list would be a guest list of 10-15 people.

Zoe- There would be no guest list anyone and everyone is invited.

Ashley- Close friends & family.


What are some of the “must-have” recipes that you would serve?

Laurie- Certainly would need to keep the champagne flowing first and foremost but as for recipes, something classic like a short rib or salmon but must include something pork for good luck in the new year - it’s family tradition!

Chandler- A must have at a part is a good charcuterie!

Zoe- A must have recipe would have to be a cranberry jalapeño cream cheese dip.

Ashley- A Feast! Truffle Mashed Potatoes, Vegan Meats, Apple Pie


How formal would you want the dinner party to be?

Laurie- I like the idea of a formal, sit down dinner but I definitely want guests to feel comfortable dancing and moving around throughout the event and enjoying themselves.

Chandler- Dressy Casual

Zoe- I would like the dinner to be formal, but with costumes.

Ashley- Regency Era in England


What playlist would be on in the background?

Laurie- Something light during dinner but it should be a party atmosphere from beginning to end. Upbeat music that’ll encourage everyone's high spirits throughout the night!

Chandler- Orchestrated Christmas music

Zoe- The playlist for the dinner would be 90’s spooky music.

Ashley- Modern day classical


Now what we are all dying to know- what would you wear?

Laurie- Something sleek, long, and black of course.

Chandler- A beautiful sparkly fitted suit!

Zoe- I would be dressed as Mrs. Frankenstein.

Ashley- Empire waist dress


Written By: Charles Fratto

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