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Current Spring Trends

Post pandemic is finally upon us - a fact that has steadily anchored itself into the upcoming seasons of fashion trends and we could not be happier. After two years of staying home and Athleisure, a breath of fresh styles are coming into everyone's closet

Now that we are getting back to per-say “new normal”, people still want the same easy going style that they can just throw on and run out the door. Whether it is for lounging around the house, brunch with friends, or a special occasion, matching sets are a saving grace. You can find any set to match any style in any pattern, color from shorts, pants, skirts you name it's all out there.


The 90’s are back! How are we feeling about the comeback of the fanny packs and mini skirts?

Fun thing is, this is not your traditional fanny pack accessory. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior,and many more designers are taking a fun twist and showing the different style options that will up your outfit and making it the new must have staple in your closet.


Whether we like it or not, mini skirts are back. See them on the NYFW runway and on the streets of Paris. Mini skirts are more than denims or plaid skirts, mini skirts are in athleisure wear too. You will find all the minis in retail stores all summer long.


One trend we can definitely get behind is the feather accent trims. It gives the outfit a little something extra that makes it stand out. Feather trim sleeves, pants, dresses, even full feather tops, we see why everyone is falling hard for it, it's a timeless look with minimal effort.


Written By: Chandler LeCoq

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