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Bringing Back The Midwest Apparel Industry

Change Is Coming, Buying Power Is The Key

Personal invitations and direct outreach to Midwest buying offices, independent boutiques, and department stores allows ILOE Studios to be the centralized fashion hub for the market in order to reclaim business and progress forward with momentum.

Our reach spans 120,000+ unique individuals across multiple platforms with a dedicated retailer list of 13,500+ direct contacts.

We offer an elevated trade show experience that begins with personal invitations to all those in our targeted audience. We utilize all forms of contact with direct mailers sent periodically throughout the pre-show season, individualized phone calls, targeting and retargeting digitally through email, website usage, geofencing, and historic activity as well as engaging emails with buyer-specific incentives to encourage show participation.

We offer a variety of amenities to our buyers in attendance that includes discounted or complimentary hotel rooms, comped parking costs, networking events, cocktail hours, and an all-encompassing access to 365 day-a-year educational opportunities, seminars, and a dedicated team to help assist them in their goals to progress forward in the apparel industry.

Exhibiting With Advantage

We offer a wide variety of pre-show, during-show, and post-show opportunities to grow your brand’s audience and bring you to the attention of relevant ILOE Studios’ retail buyers by utilizing our already existing audience of over 120,000 unique individuals.

We offer assistance in marketing your brand’s attendance at our show with customizable templates to share with your audience, an opportunity to have postcards mailed directly to you to be utilized towards including in shipments to your existing retailer audience, blog, and email blast opportunities as well as the option to take part in helpful seminars on how to better increase your show footprint.

We also offer direct assistance with inviting your favorite retailers, department stores, and individuals by taking your already existing customer list and customizing phone calls, postcards, and emails targeting them specifically upon your approval.

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