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Barbie - Margot Robbie Looks

collage of barbie premier looks form Margot robbie

This week marks the premier of one of the most anticipated movie releases for the summer and with it came a press tour fashion show like nothing we have seen before. The star of Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie”, Margot Robbie, took it upon herself to pay homage to some of Barbie’s most iconic looks for each stop. And even though there has been an undercurrent of BarbieCore making the rounds, it’s been Robbie’s fun on the red carpet that has kicked it into overdrive. You could see that Robbie was having the time of her life and we can’t help but smile right along with her.

barbie premier looks form Margot robbie

Polka Dot Perfect

For the Beverly Hills premiere Robbie wore a perfectly pink polka dot cross halter dress from Valentino. The inspiration came from the 2015 release of the Pink and Fabulous Barbie. The look was complete even down to the quilted yellow purse to match.

barbie premier looks form Margot robbie

The Original

While in her native Australia, Robbie chose to pay homage to the Barbie that started it all with a black and white strapless minidress from Hervé Léger. Reminiscent to the trendy 1950’s fringe and high ponytail style, a modern take with a side swoop bang was paired with her updo.

barbie premier looks form Margot robbie

Day to Night Dreams

To highlight the versatility for Barbie’s wardrobe at the Seoul premiere, Versace went above and beyond with not just one look but two for the same event. Highlighting the Day to Night Barbie from 1985, the first look consisted of a pink power suit (with shoulders match), hat and even a jewel encrusted mobile phone from yesteryear. The second look intended for a night out on the town paired an all over sequined bustier style top with a fun and light multilayered tulle skirt.

barbie premier looks form Margot robbie

Bobbles, Bobbles Everywhere

While still in Seoul for a press stop, Sparkling Pink Barbie made an appearance in the form of a Moschino three piece look covered in jeweled bobbles. The one shoulder bodice, cropped jacket and mini skirt were an updated combo from the 1991 Barbie but still very much in keeping with the overall aesthetic.

barbie premier looks form Margot robbie

Pink but make it Balmain

Jetting off to Mexico, Robbie wore a Balmain strapless structured mini with a mesh underlay. The stars of the ensemble being the assorted collection of charms fashioned into earrings with a coordinating metal belt. It comes as no surprise as this look honored 1991’s Magic Earring Barbie which donned an equally impressive earring and metal belt combo.

barbie premier looks form Margot robbie

Pucci Prints

Possibly the look that stood out from all others on the tour was the Pucci print mini dress and quilted pink top-handle. Pucci has always been known for their unique juxtaposition of loud, beautiful prints and fluid silhouettes. (Loved also by another famous blonde, Marlilyn Monroe). Letting her long blonde waves cascade down, Robbie was channeling the Totally Hair Barbie from 1992.

barbie premier looks form Margot robbie

Schiaparelli Goes to the NightClub

For the World Premiere in Los Angeles, Schiaparelli provided a complete Haute Couture look taking inspiration from the 1960 Spotlight Barbie. The strapless, sequined column gown ending in a ballerina tutu train, mile high velvet gloves with a pink silk handkerchief, diamond encrusted choker necklace, we love it all!

barbie premier looks form Margot robbie

The Finale

To cap an unbelievably impressive press tour that gave us fashion moment after fashion moment, the final stop for the London premiere Robbie wore a gown from the House of the late great Vivienne Westwood. The show stopping number, inspired by the 1996 Enchanted Evening Barbie was crafted from pink silk satin, embroidered tulle stole neckline, white opera gloves and larger than life pearl choker necklace.


By: Charles Fratto

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