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A Glimpse Into The Mind of Fashion

As Fashion Month came to an end, it was evident that next season’s biggest trends were both plentiful and varied. There was a sense of fashion designers building upon the foundations of recent memory while creating a forward momentum that will carry established styles to the ever present new. There was an embrace of traditional materials, silhouettes and pairings. There were references to decades from yesteryear that with the help of social media dominance and pop culture nostalgia, have inspired the fashion conscience to the delight of many, myself included.

Every season as an “It” color and for Fall/Winter 2023/2024, this was no different. Last cycle we saw the dominance of pink, pink and more pink. This year the temperature rose to a fiery red. Some designers were more reserved by adding a sprinkling here and there while others went full force with look after look in the signature hue making an appearance down their runways.

With Netflix’s “Wednesday” reigning supreme on streaming and social media platforms, it’s no wonder that an already Dark Academia vibe is embracing a now Dark Romance; a trend that is also making its mark on fashion runways. And with the devastating passing of Fashion royalty Dame Vivianne Westwood still on our minds, we are encouraged even more to indulge in our angst, punk and gothic selves with our fashion choices this fall.

It comes as no surprise that designers have once again shown us a plethora of gloriously tailored looks this season. And there is a good reason for this. The right tailoring can elevate any look you could possibly imagine. Bold shoulders and perfectly draped trousers in either the classic silhouette or the oversized variety are all in line in the minds of fashion houses the world over. Make a suit or keep it in separates, you can’t go wrong and you won’t be led astray.

After leather had a surprising moment for Spring/Summer, it should delight the fashionably conscious that it is continuing its influence in this succeeding season. And building on the tailoring trend, leather is seeing a representation in the form of sets. The cool look of the moment? Try a leather blazer paired with a matching leather skirt. Sophistication and cool and absolutely daring, in all the right ways of course.

Shearlings have remained a statement material choice to look for in winter closets. And honestly, what’s not to love? It’s effortlessly stylish, and incredibly practical. You can trust that the right shearling coat will see you comfortably through any blustery day while remaining impeccably chic. Along with other winter coat staples of fur and wool, this trio is an investment that we can all wrap ourselves up in.

After traveling from New York, London, Milan, Paris and everywhere in between, designers conveyed the message that building on the styles that work with an infusion of experimentation while always possessing a true sense of self expression is a combination that we all love to see.


Written By: Charles Fratto

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