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A Glimpse Into Studio Next

Welcome to the First Look into our latest launch - Studio Next. We’re proudly expanding into

the Womens contemporary apparel arena with an intimate feature on our show floor this April.

Studio Next is home to a focused selection of ready-to-wear, trend driven and young

contemporary apparel, footwear and accessories. Unlike any other show, our expansion into

ready to wear comes with an emphasis on curation, community and convenience. Stepping into our latest studio provides an attendee with a hassle-free environment that is conducive to

fostering long lasting relationships, encourages new brand discovery and focuses on

maximizing business opportunities.

Studio Next is the solution to the lack of representation for women’s ready to wear apparel in the Midwest. We offer a twice yearly show with an international imprint for brands and buyers alike. Our exhibitors will no longer have to rely on multiple locations per month for boutique show events and instead can focus on creating a lasting impression within the industry to the most impactful buyers.


Written By: LaurieCandeloro

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